10 Reasons Cloud Video Surveillance Is a Must-Have for Coliving Space

Cloud video surveillance helps coliving communities better protect, manage, and optimize the use of their spaces.

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The coliving movement – though around in some form or fashion for decades – is being catapulted forward by the next generation of residents, Generation Zers. This demographic’s oldest members, now in their 20s, have grown up in a world where the sharing economy is not just a trend, but reality. The Gen Z mantra of transparency, self-reliance, and flexibility applies both professionally and personally, and coliving fits right in. 

As the coliving movement soars, spurred on by this generation of individualists, so do the challenges of keeping coliving spaces safe, compliant, and hygienic, around the clock. Smart video surveillance can not only ensure the safety of residents, but it also provides important business intelligence data that can help coliving operators improve operations and profitability.  Here are just some of the features and benefits of a cloud-based security system, and how they can transform the coliving spaces of today and tomorrow.

True Cloud Technology

With cloud, you benefit from infinite scalability, so the system easily grows as you add coliving locations; flexibility, enabling you to use the cameras and cabling already in place; accessibility, allowing you to view video from anywhere, on any device; and reliability, regardless of bandwidth limitations. 

Ease of Use

Modern video management systems (VMSs) are easy to install and simple to configure, with little to no disruption to operations and resident living. They offer central management, multisite viewing, on-the-fly camera sharing, and video retention and resolution flexibility.


Due to the transient nature of coliving spaces, securing your facilities with video surveillance is paramount to your success. It can help you monitor resident and visitor behaviors, foster a reputation for safe and secure living, and ultimately, help you attract new residents and keep existing tenants referring. 

Advanced Analytics

Because video is stored in the cloud, it opens up unlimited access to valuable artificial intelligence – information that helps coliving operators and residents make better decisions. For example, management can use data to understand which amenities are used most often, along with traffic flow and peak hours, better informing immediate decisions, not to mention future designs and builds. 

And residents can engage with the system, as well. They may want to check the laundry room in real time to determine if machines are available or pull data regarding gym occupancy before heading to work out. 


In a true cloud VMS, alerts can be added to any of your analytics, such as line crossing, object counting, and loitering, and sent directly via text message or email to predesignated staffers. 

For example, loitering detection monitors a defined area and will trigger an alert if a person or thing lingers longer than the configured dwell time. You can also set up your system to receive motion detection alerts, for example when movement occurs around a dumpster or doorway. Users can also receive alerts if cameras are moved, blocked, or otherwise tampered with. 

When integrated with sensors, such as temperature, sound, and electrical, they can help you reduce maintenance costs and mitigate potential liability. 

Deep-linked, time-stamped video emailed from custom alerts will take you directly to the recording of events. This allows operators to quickly pinpoint when an incident occurred and share video with the appropriate management and authorities.

Remote Management 

True cloud technology delivers the ability to modify, adjust, and perfect the system without needing to be present on the site.


Seamlessly integrate your VMS with other critical applications, such as license plate recognition and access control, to further secure your property and gain powerful insights that enable you to improve operations and tenant experiences. 

Body Cameras

Another innovation is the use of body cameras. Property managers can use them during walk-arounds. Facilities personnel find them helpful during routine maintenance checks, and security guards use them to monitor the facilities and live stream happenings to central control room personnel. 

First Responder Predesignation

Your VMS should give you the option to pre-designate first responders who can receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergency situations. Immediate situational awareness can be crucial when there are intruders, a fire, or other situations. The insights first responders gain from the clear, deep visibility can directly impact their actions – from necessary evacuations, to the specific protective measures they might take.

Coliving in the Future

As coliving operators around the world continue to experiment with different communal living models, the ones that use technology, such as modern video management systems, will be at a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

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