An official partnership with JumboTiger - A Coliving and Property Management Software

Within the Co-Liv Technology Community, Co-Liv are proud to announce an official partnership with JumboTiger, a property management software company based in India. The momentum behind the global coliving movement shows no sign of stopping, and companies like JumboTiger play a vital role to support coliving operators’ efficiencies and growth as they scale their operations.

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There are countless moving pieces involved in residential property management, which include leasing, maintenance, cleaning, rent collections, tenant communications, and much more. In order to effectively manage all these processes, property management companies often partner with a variety of third party service providers focused on one of these tasks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, implementing and managing the various systems often creates additional problems and inefficiencies for the property management company.

It was this problem that led founders Mayank Pokharna and Subbu Athikunte, who had operated a coliving company in India for 6 years, to set up JumboTiger. They were frustrated by the lack of quality of the “one stop shop” solutions available to manage properties, and felt that they spent most of their time troubleshooting these technology solutions or trying to create ways for each of the platforms to communicate with one another.

The JumboTiger team built technology solutions for each part of a property management system. After some testing and iteration, the team were pleased with their results, for example, rent collection for their properties previously took 6 to 7 days, but after implementing the newly built payment system automating SMS and emails, the process took only 2 hours. Fast forward to today, and the JumboTiger platform is a full-stack PMS platform that replaces the functionality of Slack/WhatsApp, CRM, Freshdesk/Zendesk, Calendly, zInspector/HappyCo, and Wordpress.

JumboTiger launched their pilot product in February 2021, they currently have 70 users with more on their waiting list when the platform officially launches later this year on 1st September. The PMS is available on a subscription basis for coliving and traditional apartment operators depending on the number of units managed. Roughly 65% of JumboTiger’s global users are coliving companies and JumboTiger continues to focus on this industry.

The system has been intentionally built to allow companies to scale easily; JumboTiger are confident about the future of their platform:

“Our real-time tools will disrupt an industry that hasn’t seen any significant change in the last 10 years. We bring the latest technologies to the property management software specifically built for coliving and student living operators.”

As global coliving companies continue to create quality living solutions, using the right technology to scale is crucial to industry success. JumboTiger understands property owners’ complex problems and builds thoughtful solutions to support the growing coliving industry.

If you’d like to get in touch with the company, feel free to reach out to Mayank Pokharna at

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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