Announcing: Cushman & Wakefield partners up with Co-Liv to transform the coliving industry

The global real estate company, one of the leading pioneers in the shared living movement, explains why partnering up with Co-Liv for the upcoming year 2021/22 and for the upcoming Co-Liv Summit is going to strengthen the overall position of the coliving industry. In this exclusive interview, Susan Tjarksen shares her perspective of the coliving industry, where Cushman & Wakefield is pushing the movement, and what fruits this collaboration will bring.

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First things first: you’ve been one of the pioneering actors of the coliving scene. Where is the coliving industry at today and what is the role of Cushman & Wakefield in its growth?

Coliving asset class. Our team works closely with the top developers and
operators in the space placing both equity and debt. To date, we have placed $250,000,000 in capital in the US market. We also have active campaigns in IR and AUS. Along with industry contacts, Cushman & Wakefield has an amazing research department that gives us a 360-degree view of the industry.

We are going to see the rise of the coliving industry and you definitely learned a lot over the last year while pushing the coliving movement and interacting with its main actors. What are some of the key predictions that you believe in and which you’d like to share with worldwide coliving professionals?

Some key predictions around coliving would be larger scale developments, with national/international programmatic expansion. We also think that ‘Blended Buildings” that have coliving, micro, Short Term Rental units and traditional apartments all in one building will more and more become the norm. I also see non-traditional development methods like ESG and modular construction playing a big role in future developments.

Tell us more about Cushman & Wakefield. What makes your approach different from the ones of your competitors and what is your main focus to date?

We pride ourselves on our data driven approach. We like to let the numbers tell this very positive and needed story. We see coliving as the most viable small ‘a’ affordable solution to reachable priced housing in urban environments. As mentioned before, our relationships with developers, operators and capital providers gives us an inside look at the industry.

You partnered up with Co-Liv to support the upcoming Co-Liv Summit and the organization as a whole. What is, for you, the role and importance of organizations such as Co-Liv?

An organization like Co-Liv is hugely important to the industry. Increasing
awareness and providing education to the wider real estate industry can only help further coliving development. Having an organization dedicated to the coliving mission also lends credence to the positive impact coliving has had and will continue to have on cities

We’re thrilled to have you join our movement. As a last question:

How can people help you and where should they reach you?

People can help out by learning more about the space, tour a building, read a Cushman & Wakefield Coliving report, and join a movement like Co-Liv. Coliving is here to stay. Anyone interested in discussing coliving more can reach me at

Thank you!

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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