Announcing: Rimbo Rent partners up with Co-Liv to transform the coliving industry

Rimbo Rent, the leading pioneer in deposit replacement technology, explains why partnering up with Co-Liv for the 2021/22 year is going to strengthen the overall position of the coliving industry. In this exclusive interview, Roy Sagi shares his perspective of the coliving industry, where Rimbo Rent is pushing the movement, and what fruits this collaboration will bring.

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First things first: you’ve been one of the pioneering actors of the coliving scene. Where is the coliving industry at today and what is the role of Rimbo Rent in its growth?

I think it’s safe to say that coliving is a very innovative asset-class in the real estate sector in recent years, and it’s astonishing to see the growth of coliving beds at a 3-digit pace year over year. The multiple successful players in different countries have proven that coliving is not only here to stay, but it will likely be a growing market share of the residential rental vertical moving forward.

Rimbo Rent’s deposit solution is here to help coliving operators grow sustainably by helping them increase sales and occupancy, and optimizing their financials.

We are going to see the rise of the coliving industry and you definitely learned a lot over the last year while pushing the coliving movement and interacting with its main actors. What are some of the key predictions that you believe in, that you’d like to share with global coliving professionals?

The sector will continue to grow, but the ones who manage to target potential guests at an early stage will capture more market. Size and brand will play a key role in attracting and keeping guests, driving down the customer acquisition costs, and scaling services to be even more critical for improving profitability.

Tell us more about Rimbo Rent. What makes your approach different from the ones of your competitors and what is your main focus to date?

First, we want to serve every guest, not just guests that might have a cash flow challenge. To do that, we built our innovative technology which is based on a financial structure and not insurance - this ensures both low prices and instant check-in and check-out. 

With speed and excellent guest experiences in mind, we integrate and adapt to each coliving operator’s way of working. This allows integrating Rimbo into the check-in and check-out flows, which helps operators reduce cash while delivering an excellent guest experience.

You partnered with Co-Liv to support our organization and 2021 Summit. For you, what is the role and importance of organizations like Co-Liv?

One of the main reasons that Rimbo supports Co-Liv is that after working with various coliving operators, we saw the recurring challenges they all face and the need for a unified platform, which can guide everyone, get and share the best know-how, observe and spread the newest trends. Co-Liv is at the center of this industry and Rimbo wants to walk hand in hand with such organizations.

We’re thrilled that you have joined our movement. As a last question: how can people help you and where should they reach you?

Thank you for asking! We encourage everyone to reach out to us and join the deposit revolution - by collaborating, getting to know our product better, working with us, or just exchanging thoughts and insights! 

We’re easily reachable at and also by phone and WhatsApp - +34-623-063-769

Thank you!

The future economy will be a shared economy and the living space will be a core part of that.

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The Co-Liv Team

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