Announcing: WASHIN partners up with Co-Liv Tech Community to transform the coliving tech industry

The Co-Liv Tech Community is proud to announce an official partnership with WASHiN, a laundry service provider for the residential real estate sector. Similar to other real estate service providers, WASHiN has recently started working with coliving operators after starting their business with urban apartments, student housing, and occasionally the hospitality sector such as hostel operators.

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Operating a real estate business (such as a coliving location) requires managing a long list of moving parts and can also require vast amounts of capital to get up and running. As a technology provider WASHiN aims to empower coliving operators by outsourcing the management and capital requirements for laundry services, both of which can be quite strenuous if not handled properly.

Founded almost two years ago, WASHiN has created a one stop shop laundry service solution for apartment owners/operators. Rather than purchasing, managing, and maintaining on-premise washer and dryer machines, residential real estate owners can partner with WASHiN to coordinate the entire process. Building owners that partner with WASHiN simply need to provide the space, water, and energy required in order to operate the washer and dryer machines. WASHiN will then purchase the machines, install and maintain them, and at the end of each trimester will give back the property owner a fixed fee based on usage volume.

As with many successful technology companies, WASHiN is also laser-focused on creating a superior user experience for the end-user of their laundry services. All of WASHiN’s machines can be operated and paid for using their proprietary mobile application. Want to check from your room if there are washing machines available and book one 10 minutes before you plan to use it? No problem, users can do all of that directly from the WASHiN mobile application.

When chatting with WASHiN Business Manager Dimitri Belin, he mentioned that the seamless customer experience through the mobile app not only provides a superior service to end users, but also creates an easily scalable model that can immediately be implemented in countries around the world. Instead of having to change the machines and backend software to accept different coins or different payment cards, the WASHiN mobile application can work in any country around the world with minimal changes. Dimitri mentioned that WASHiN’s clients are mostly from France at the moment, but they just started operating their first location in Switzerland and are eyeing expansion to many other markets including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, UK, and the United States among others.

While WASHiN has had great success thus far in growing their business, the company plans to double the amount of machines in operation by the end of this year and potentially even double that number by the end of 2022. Much of that growth could be attributed to the global coliving industry as the “housing as a service” mantra of coliving operators translates extremely well to the superior laundry experience offered by WASHiN. Coliving residents are currently expecting and will continue to expect a high standard of living experience from community events and top notch amenities to seamlessly paying rent and doing their laundry. Furthermore, WASHiN’s focus on environmental sustainability and constant innovation will also help them to attract more business and grow their overall footprint.

We’re thrilled to have you join our movement. As a last question: how can people help you and where should they reach you?

For coliving companies that really want to differentiate their living product and provide the best living experience for their residents, partnering with companies like WASHiN can go a long way. As coliving operators continue to work tirelessly to improve their living experience and grow their brand, partnering with technology providers can allow them to focus on those goals while leaving auxiliary services such laundry to experts such as WASHiN. If you’d like to get in touch with WASHiN to find out more or discuss how they can assist in your current or future coliving operations, feel free to reach out to Dimitri Belin at

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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