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A week ago, Co-Liv hosted our 2021 End of Year Show - an annual global presentation on everything around what's new and forthcoming in the coliving scene. We shared all the amazing things that Co-Liv achieved in 2021, and our vision for the year ahead. In this blogpost, you’ll find direct links to all Co-Liv projects from the last year, and how to get involved in ground-breaking initiatives for the upcoming year.

Key 2021 Co-Liv Highlights

Yes, a lot happened. Here are some of the highlights, resources and initiatives that you can digest over the new year!

COLIVING RESOURCES: For those who want to become an industry expert in coliving and grow their coliving business, Connor Moore and Gui Perdrix compile a quarterly resource featuring the best curation of coliving publications. Check out the entire coliving resources library at colivingresources.com!

COMMUNITY MASTERMINDS: This year, we hosted the Community Mastermind series to help guide and educate community managers within coliving spaces. This led to other initiatives, including the Community Building Report 2021. We couldn't have done this without Naima von Ritter Figueres from Conscious Coliving and Rick Schols from Sowebuild, as well as Caterina Maiolini and Gui Perdrix at Co-Liv. Download the report or read more about the highlights on our blog.

CO-LIV TECH COMMUNITY: After this year's Summit, we launched the Co-Liv Tech Community! Led by tech enthusiasts, including our Head of Tech Christian Schmitz, the Tech Community introduces best practices that support the coliving industry. Join the tech leaders of tomorrow by signing up to the Tech Community with your organization.

THE CO-LIV SCOOP: What’s the scoop? It’s a members-only newsletter with exclusive content and updates. If you’re feeling the FOMO, join Co-Liv as a member and enjoy the monthly news recap!

CO-LIV AMBASSADORS: Co-Liv's mission is to empower, connect and educate the coliving scene. We strive to lead best practices within the coliving scene, and our Global Ambassador Programme empowers coliving professionals to make a positive impact in their region. Together we are stronger! To become an ambassador, please email Nabeel Ayaz, our new Head of Ambassadors, at nabeel@co-liv.org.

MEET THE TEAM: Who is behind our organisation? We've had a few newbies join our team in 2021, including Kristen Zupancic - our COO, Jackson Torchia - our new Head of Membership, and Lucy McInally - our Head of Marketing. During our livestream, we were joined by our core team who shared their 2021 projects and what exciting things they're planning for next year. 

Our vision moving forward

In 2022, Co-Liv's main mission will be to continue guiding and empowering the coliving scene. 

We believe that coliving should be life-enhancing, and will therefore develop all our content and initiatives around subjects that truly matter: how to operate, build real communities, deal with human dynamics, get city permits, but also, how to design sustainable places, create affordable coliving, and build a true culture of connection!

Internally, we want Co-Liv to become an example of community-driven organizations. This includes turning Co-Liv into a decentralized, members-driven and top-down body. We are already experimenting with a few ideas, including our team setting their own salaries, giving bi-monthly recaps to our members and partners on how to get involved, and are going to publish all our initiatives publicly starting 2022. 

Key projects coming up in 2022

And now, it’s time to dig into everything that you can expect that will impact the coliving industry for the year to come!

​​ART OF COLIVING BOOK: Be the first to get the insights from the Art of Coliving book, written by Co-Liv Director, Gui Perdrix! Art of Coliving is a scientific, step-by-step method to enable operators and developers to build high-scale coliving spaces without losing the human essence. We’re launching next week - stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter or sign up here!

COLIVING ACADEMY: Co-Liv is launching a training platform for the coliving community. We will start with two types of masterclasses and launch the first cohorts around April 2022 on two topics:

  • How to create your first pop-up coliving space
  • How to enhance the user experience in your existing coliving spaces

Interested in joining the first cohort? Email us today!

INNOVATION PROGRAM FOR COMPANIES: Are your employees not talking enough about coliving? Do they need to be immersed in the coliving industry? We are launching an innovation program for companies in early 2022, to help coliving operators, developers and investors bring their team into the Co-Liv ecosystem and facilitate innovative exchanges between them. For inquiries, please contact Jackson!

MEMBERSHIP RELAUNCH: Are you a coliving professional looking to grow your business and take part in the global coliving movement? Join the Co-Liv Membership Program to access international publications, accelerate your business goals and meet key coliving stakeholders from around the globe. Starting in 2022, we will host more membership events, launch a new online community, and turn the Co-Liv community into an example of help, support and industry consolidation. Join us as a member today!

TECH COMMUNITY: The coliving field is rapidly expanding. This can result in a non-transparent market: What tech is out there, and which one is best? We are hosting in-depth conversations and content around the topics at the intersection of tech and coliving. Learn about how you can benefit from the Co-Liv Tech Community here.

MIPIM 2022: We will be going to MIPIM! Are you interested in coliving and coworking with us in Cannes during MIPIM in March? We would love to host a mini-coliving retreat with our Co-Liv community. Email kristen@co-liv.org to let us know you're coming!

CO-LIV SUMMIT: It’s coming back, baby! Get ready for another global coliving day filled with knowledge, networking and content. More details will be released in the new year. In the meantime, you can check out the highlights of last year’s Summit here: summitreport.co-liv.org

CO-LIV FESTIVAL: Think Burning Man meets Unconference for a week. This might be hosted at Burning Man directly or in another location in Europe. One week filled with 150 coliving individuals with a passion for sharing knowledge, building true connections and enjoying life to its fullest. If you have ideas to share, want to get involved, partner up or learn more - email Kristen to get involved at kristen@co-liv.org!

…And there will be more! It’s been a fantastic year of events and initiatives in 2021, and we’re so excited to launch some amazing projects in 2022. 

Have you missed the Co-Liv Show? Then watch our live stream from December 16th and tune into one of the funniest, most legendary events hosted this year! 

A massive thank you for making this year happen and to a great 2022!

The Co-Liv team

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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