Meet Lucas Crobach, Co-Liv’s Ambassador for the Netherlands

A coliving enthusiast, Lucas has experienced the benefits of coliving first-hand and wants to share his knowledge with others. Lucas is the founder of Press Start Real Estate and a product developer at Steiner.

The Co-Liv Network

What is your relationship to coliving and how are you active in the scene?

Between the ages of 18 and 25, I colived with fellow students in houses of around 8–12 people. We shared a kitchen, living room and other spaces. This was ideal due to affordability, but what I truly enjoyed about the experience were the social benefits. Although the term coliving was not established back then, this way of living allowed me to experience and understand the value of community living. I’m currently working at Steiner as a product developer, as well as working with my own business, Press Start Real Estate, and at Zoku. I feel very lucky to combine the best of both Swiss and Dutch worlds at the moment.

How did you discover coliving and what experiences did you have with it?

I discovered coliving when I started to work at Zoku, an aparthotel for business travelers, where I was asked to help discover growth opportunities in the residential sector. I quickly realised that the coliving industry was growing, and I travelled to San Francisco to explore one of its many roots. The mindset of the industry was perfectly aligned with mine: open-minded, keen to share knowledge, and stimulate each other’s growth.

Why did you join Co-Liv as Ambassador for the Netherlands, and what are your objectives for your region?

I joined Co-Liv as an ambassador in 2019 and I have worked closely with Co-Liv, in particular with Claire Flurin. I was lucky enough to attend the first two summits in San Francisco and Paris, and I moderated one of the sessions at the Paris summit. My objectives for the Netherlands are to create more awareness of the positive impact of coliving among policy makers within our five largest cities, whilst helping global coliving operators to expand into our beautiful country (which has some challenging regulations).

What do you think is Co-Liv’s potential and what do you want to bring to the coliving scene?

The last couple of months have demonstrated the huge potential of the Co-Liv movement — big shout out to everyone involved so far. I particularly like that, despite the accelerated growth of the coliving industry, the intrinsic motivation within Co-Liv is to support fellow professionals by sharing knowledge and investing time in each other. Co-Liv has a strong fundamental and collective goal to create more inclusive and sustainable ways for humans to live and work together. As part of this collective, I will help catalyse this movement in the Netherlands and beyond.

And what should people get in touch with you for?

If you’re looking for growth opportunities in Switzerland or the Netherlands, I’m very happy to help people who are looking for ways to either develop a scalable coliving business, or are struggling to maintain a sustainable coliving business. And of course, anytime you’re in Amsterdam or Zürich, never hesitate to call me!

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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