Testimonials from our Research Forum Coordinators — Communications with Xavier Cazard & Valérie Decroix

Communications Strategies and Editorial Policies

The Co-Liv Network

Xavier Cazard and Valérie Decroix are our Communications Forum coordinators who come from the Paris-based communications agency Entrecom. They have been helping us with our communications strategies and editorial policies and have provided invaluable advice for our crowdfunding campaign. For the Communications Forum they are looking into the typical user experience journey of individuals looking to live in a co-living space. This includes researching the beginning stages even before individuals enter the space, such as how they found out about the space and the initial contact with a co-living operator.

Xavier and Valérie are also interested in research information such as event programming, on-boarding, house rules, interactions with internal hosts and external communities and the move out process. Their aspirations for the Communications Forum are to obtain testimonials and interviews from co-livers and learn how they they communicate amongst themselves and with their environments. Their objectives are for the Communications Forum to work closely with Guillaume and the Services and Tools Forum and with co-living operators and co-livers within our network.

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