Testimonials from our Research Forum Coordinators — Community with Ryan Fix

Communal experience

The Co-Liv Network

Ryan Fix, our Community Forum coordinator and co-founder, says that the most important part of the co-living phenomenon is the communal experience; “while all the other aspects of co-living from the other forums is important, I think co-living doesn’t happen without community”. For him the co-living sector — like any new sector — is met with a lot of challenges, especially around cost. He says there is a lack of alignment between pertinent actors involved in making the co-living sector flourish, and that the crux of the PUREHOUSE LAB “is building acumen in those different areas and becoming a thought leader and moving the needle on those conversations”.

His aspirations for the Community Forum is to prototype spaces that foster connections and communal experiences, “whether that’s communal dinners, vulnerability exercises… any of the strategies and techniques that are fostering and nurturing community I would like to prototype that in a co-living space”. His focus at the moment is in South America: he is going to be “touring around Brazil and other parts of South America building the community of contributors to the forum”. He is also looking to take the learnings from his Pure House co-living space in Williamsburg and apply them to the Community Forum with his different forum members.

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