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Guillaume De Jenlis is our Services and Tools Forum Coordinator based out of the Spark Labs co-working space in Union Square, NYC. He defines co-living as a lifestyle that enables people to share both human interactions and physical objects. He thinks that thing that is unique about co-living is the capacity for residents to choose their level of human interaction and how much they share with the other residents in their space. For Guillaume, an important part of co-living is that it is a way to live more sustainably, by sharing and recycling resources that are generally consumed on an individual basis (and are more prone to be wasted). It’s a way to adapt from a society of ownership to a society of services, and a way to optimize the life and duration of services and resources.

He thinks that the PUREHOUSE LAB is contributing to the co-living movement because it is a do-tank analyzing trends and needs and that ultimately we can formalize these concepts into prototypes. He explained it as the “deconstruction of co-living”. His goals for the Services and Tools Forum is to conduct a brainstorming phase around the current lifestyles and trends that exist outside of co-living and aims to apply those to a shared living format. With the other members of the forum, they would like to identify 4–5 services that can be implemented into different prototypes that are applicable to different contexts.

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