Testimonials from our Research Forum Coordinators — Space with George Green

George Green’s first thoughts on co-living.

The Co-Liv Network

George Green’s first thoughts on co-living was that it was an ideal construct with political objectives, but he says that he has seen the sector emerge to a housing typology that has exploded both informally and formally. His distinction is that there are formal typologies that have more of a luxurious, hospitality feel, but that the informal aspect comes from people that are doing shared living because of a basic need to share resources and space. He believes in the need for “design for everyone”, and would like to research design strategies that allows people to experience all the benefits of co-living.

For George, the integral aspects of co-living is the “mixing of shared with private and understanding how we can transition between the two”. He feels like people aren’t aware of the benefits of co-living, and that the PUREHOUSE LAB can help “publicize these alternative aspects of coliving” and “take away the difficulties people have when thinking of shared living”. He believes that there is a lot of room for researching and prototyping co-living spaces and this type of knowledge sharing may stimulate different actors to get involved and continue its growth so that it is accessible in more cities. His goal is to organize multidisciplinary collaborative design workshops that bring people together to prototype co-living spaces.

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