An official partnership with Young Global Living

The Co-Liv Technology Community is proud to announce an official partnership with yet another company empowering the coliving movement, Young Global Living.

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While coliving has grown in popularity over the past decade, the average consumer still lacks awareness around the coliving lifestyle which is partially caused by the still fragmented nature of the industry. Online booking platforms, like Young Global Living, help to solve this by being a central place for potential coliving users to find the right coliving communities.

Founded in May 2020, YGL is a one-stop shop for people around the world who’re looking to experience coliving. Just like or AirBnb allows users to find short term stays, YGL provides consumers with excellent coliving options in global cities. As Oscar van Wel, YGL co-founder and CEO, says: “Coliving offers everyone the opportunity to discover the world and all its gems. You’re not bound to one location, you’re not bound to one job, you’re able to connect with other like-minded individuals, and live flexibly, all while experiencing the world. YGL makes this possible.”

Whilst chatting with the YGL team, it becomes very apparent that the company plans to be much more than your average booking platform. Rather than simply finding a coliving community and booking a stay, YGL users can also explore local experiences to enhance their travels as well as find a job. Anybody that has traveled internationally knows the pain points and frictions that exist throughout the process of discovering a new country. By eliminating these pain points for travelers and providing coliving locations with quality residents, YGL facilitates the complete coliving lifestyle and empower the global industry.

It’s no secret that the past year has been difficult for the travel and hospitality industries, but the YGL team believes the pent up demand for international travel combined with the increase in popularity of remote work will lead to an extended period of growth over the next decade. As the platform expands to more countries and grows its user base, YGL plans to find more recruiters to identify local jobs and experiences in each of their different markets.

While building their platform YGL has always kept the user at the center of everything they do, similar to many of the coliving companies with whom they partner. Developing all of their technology in-house has been critical for this strategy and will surely pay dividends in the future as YGL scales across the world.

Although the team is currently laser-focused on creating the best possible product for their end users, YGL has big plans for the future. After years of empowering travelers to find the right living environments, jobs, and experiences, YGL will have learned a tremendous amount about the preferences of international travelers. The company then plans to apply these learnings to improve their platform for new users, creating a more personalised travel experience that will lead to better outcomes for both travelers and coliving companies.

One of the reasons why the coliving movement has gained so much momentum around the world is the industry’s focus on the customer experience. While the global Real Estate industry is typically slow to change, consumers have started to demand more out of their living experiences. As demands for great user experience grow, companies like Young Global Living that have focused on the end user since day one will be well positioned to respond to new consumer demands and continue to grow their business.

To get in touch with YGL, feel free to contact Kaylee Kiss at

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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