Announcing: DoveVivo partners up with Co-Liv to transform the coliving industry

The global real estate company, one of the leading pioneers in the shared living movement, explains why partnering up with Co-Liv for the year 2021/22 is going to strengthen the overall position of the coliving industry. In this exclusive interview, Giulio Limongelli shares his perspective of the coliving industry, where DoveVivo is pushing the movement, and what fruits this collaboration will bring. DoveVivo was founded 15 years ago by Valerio Fonseca and William Maggio, now CEO and Chairman of the company. At the time, they were two students in Milan who were trying out an early form of coliving - living in a rented apartment with other students. Today, DoveVivo can be found in 3 European countries and 15 cities and manages about 8,000 rooms..

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First things first: you’ve been one of the pioneering actors of the coliving scene. Where is the coliving industry at today and what is the role of DoveVivo in its growth?

Coliving is a fast-growing movement in large urban centres worldwide because it meets the need of the nomadic, digital target as well as new city dwellers to find easy to manage, flexible, central housing easily. The trend moves in different dimensions. On one side, urban densification has considerably increased the costs of a room or apartment; on the other, the sharing economy has completely revolutionised the logics of ownership or use of an asset or service, bringing new life to the concept of community.

Lastly, the pandemic has normalised remote work and even more people are exploring the nomadic lifestyle; coliving is an opportunity to stay connected with like-minded people. We believe that coliving for remote workers will become a trend that is here to stay.

We are going to see the rise of the coliving industry and you definitely learned a lot over the last year while pushing the coliving movement and interacting with its main actors. What are some of the key predictions that you believe in and which you’d like to share with worldwide coliving professionals?

The keywords which will have increasing value are:

  • quality: the offer is extensive and the house as such must be able to welcome, pamper and offer a pleasant environment where residents can spend many hours, working or studying, with friends and their partners. These are life experiences that need a functional, pleasant and sustainable frame;
  • digital services: the digital and technological contribution is essential for every coliving space that wants to be driven by proptech. The public seek fast services, people want to manage the house via app, communicate via chat, pay with a click, simplify and speed up, and see who they will share with. The digitalisation of the offer is an integral part of the experience of sharing;
  • community and social inclusion, meaning building their identity, strengthening interpersonal ties in the house, area and city, but also cross-city and cross-country, between members who live in different places but share the same adventure.

Tell us more about DoveVivo. What makes your approach different from the ones of your competitors and what is your main focus to date?

DoveVivo offers a win-win model able to meet the needs of tenants and private or institutional owners who want to optimise their property investment without the thought of having to manage assets and relationships, through an extensive, flexible offer. Our business model ensures the maximum long-term value due to the reduction of risks and extra costs to a minimum.  

Through the complete tenants and property management, we guarantee secured income to the landlord avoiding financial credit losses and indirect leasing costs. DoveVivo is a reliable partner and the only point of contact for landlords throughout the whole contract duration. The distinctive feature of our work is certainly the industrial approach to the sector, a logic that supports profitability and international growth.

You partnered up with Co-Liv to support the upcoming Co-Liv Summit and the organization as a whole. What is for you the role and importance of organizations such as Co-Liv?

We believe that associations like Co-Liv enable connections to be created with sector experts. It serves to share knowledge, opportunities and challenges.

We’re all together on the same mission, i.e. to make coliving the perfect solution for people seeking qualitative, flexible and functional spaces where the element of sharing is what enriches the experience.

We’re thrilled to have you join our movement. As a last question: how can people help you and where should they reach you?

We look forward to letting you know about our great projects and successes, and learning about those of other players in the industry. We can get in touch via LinkedIn on page and Giulio Limongelli's personal profile for exchanges of experiences, opinions or any business opportunities.

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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