Announcing the Co-Liv Podcast with Young Global Living

A Leading Platform in Coliving Books

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Today, Co-Liv is proud to announce the entrance of another key player within the coliving ecosystem.

Young Global Living, a leading platform in coliving bookings, partnered up with Co-Liv to create the second edition of the Co-Liv Podcast.

As a key partner of Co-Liv, Young Global Living supports the development of the coliving industry and the spread of valuable content.

“It is very important for the coliving scene to establish itself” explains Oscar van Wel, founder of Young Global Living. “Being part of Co-Liv means fostering more initiatives that will spread awareness around coliving, help operators succeed and build an ecosystem that promotes the needs of the coliving industry.”

Founded in 2019, Young Global Living is a coliving platform, creating the link between operators and residents. Their key differentiator is not only offering residents housing, but helping them in two other spheres of their lives: work and community.

After successfully running Short Stay Citizens, a platform for serviced apartments, Oscar realized the emergence of coliving — and that coliving goes beyond the need for housing: “Most coliving aggregators solely offer housing. With Young Global Living, we help our residents find remote work, so that they can truly live from wherever they want.”

In the coming months, Co-Liv is going to produce weekly episodes of the Co-Liv Podcast, which Young Global Living supports in its creation.

“With all our events — up to 15 per month — and the tremendous amounts of Co-Liv members and ambassadors, we had to spread the knowledge around coliving operations and the coliving sector.” says Cate Maiolini, Head of Ambassadors at Co-Liv and main host of the Co-Liv podcast.

“This is why the upcoming episodes will be live interviews with key Co-Liv industry players, highlights from our global events, and will shine a light on crucial information that coliving professionals need.”

To discover more about Young Global Living, visit their website to become a member or partner up the organisation.

To discover the episodes of the Co-Liv podcast, we’ll see you at

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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