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Today, Co-Liv is proud to announce a core partnership that is going to strengthen the coliving scene and serve its professionals globally.

SALTO Systems, a leading provider of flexible access control & management, is becoming an official Co-Liv technology partner, which will be led by Christian Schmitz, Global Account Manager of Coliving & PBSA at SALTO Systems, who also joined the Co-Liv team as Tech Lead.

As a non-profit organization, the mission of Co-Liv is to enable the growth of coliving and support its members. SALTO KS has been a tight collaborator with Co-Liv in the past already: from hosting physical meetups in Amsterdam, Paris and London, to co-creating the upcoming Global Co-Liv Summit 2021, both organizations have been working to turn Co-Liv into the global platform for coliving professionals to learn, connect, and get empowered.

The Co-Liv meetup Amsterdam 2019, co-organized with SALTO KS.

“Co-Liv doesn’t exist without its members. Today, we are honored to witness how core thought leaders such as Christian are desiring to grow the coliving scene and take on a more active role. This partnership is an example of how for-profit and non-profit organizations can work hand in hand to achieve the same objective: growing coliving as a new form of living across the globe.” says Gui Perdrix, new Co-Liv director and former global ambassador to Co-Liv.

The partnership will tackle three fronts that are crucial for the coliving scene: establishing an online platform, growing the amount and quality of worldwide coliving events, and growing the tech community within Co-Liv. Here is how.

Establishing the Coliving Online Network

The first pillar is to build out the current Co-Liv online platform, for which paid members get access to.

“Interaction is crucial. If we don’t create a centralized way for coliving professionals to connect and discover each other, we’d be missing out on a big opportunity for the industry.” says Christian Schmitz.

This is why SALTO Systems has sponsored the activity of the platform, allowing Co-Liv to invest into community management, being there for its members, and developing several members-only solutions.

“In the month to come, Co-Liv members will benefit from several initiatives: whether operator-investor speed dating events, exclusive content, or discounts with core coliving providers — this partnership allows us to put the right people into the right places to create the desired impact” says Gui.

Growing the Ambassador Program and Virtual Meetups

The second pillar concerns building out the current ambassador program, for which Co-Liv selects local country representatives who are in charge of forming local communities through in-person and online events.

To this date, Co-Liv counts 18 ambassadors in 15 different countries, which led to having more than a dozen virtual meetups per month since the beginning of the year.

With the arrival of Cate Maiolini as Head of Ambassadors, Co-Liv is expected to have more than 30 ambassadors by the end of the year, growing not only the local but also the global community.

“SALTO Systems has an extended network. As we are present in 95+ countries, our local SALTO representatives are going to support the creation of new local meetups, with the goal to find a local ambassador for that region — including sometimes being SALTO Systems itself.” says Christian, who has been onboarding colleagues across all continents into the program.

Christian Schmitz discussing coliving with Benjamin Röber-Rathay and Felix Burghardt

Building Out the Tech Community

Lastly, Christian Schmitz joined the Co-Liv executive team as technology lead.

“It is important to forge connection between tech players. Coliving products need to learn and adapt to new demand, which requires interaction between tech leaders, building out partnerships, challenging each other’s visions, and exploring cross-platform integrations” explains Christian, who is going to host a first tech-only meetups in the weeks to come.

Beyond building out the Co-Liv tech community, Christian is also active into turning the upcoming Co-Liv Summit 2021 into a user-centered experience.

“We truly want to recreate the coliving feeling at the event — instead of receiving a ticket, participants will use a key; instead of traditional showrooms, attendees will be immersed into a coliving space recreation with chosen technology partners to demonstrate the latest innovation in the coliving scene.”

Get Involved

The SALTO Systems partnership is going to strengthen the Co-Liv community and organization — with one goal, namely to serve the wider coliving ecosystem.

“We are very grateful for all the trust, energy, and desire that is coming from this partnership. Moreover, it shows how traditional sponsorships are part of the past, and that true innovation comes when two parties are heavily collaborating with each other.” says Gui to highlight the strength of this relationship.

The future is open, and it is up to us to create it.

In the meanwhile, you can join Co-Liv as a member to get access to the members-only online platform and members-exclusive benefits; become a partner in an area that needs growth and support such as architecture, design, development, or further coliving services; or join a local Co-Liv meetup organized by Co-Liv’s ambassadors.

Co-Liv is there to support its members and stakeholders across the globe.

And to read more about SALTO KS, its wireless access control solution, smart locks and cloud-based access control systems, click here or follow them on Instagram and LinkedIn for the latest product features, team updates and news from the industry.

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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