Guiding and empowering the coliving movement: Our Co-Liv X SALTO ambassador merchandise

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Over the last year, Co-Liv and SALTO Systems have celebrated a successful partnership which has strengthened the coliving industry. Together, we hosted over 100 events in 2020, which aims to guide, educate and empower the coliving community. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our global team of ambassadors and executive team members who we sent our exclusive and limited Co-Liv X SALTO branded apparel and mugs at Christmas.

Our Director, Gui
Our Russia ambassador, Sergey

Our US ambassador, Frank

It’s been a tough year for many and we’ve been impacted by social distancing regulations and travel restrictions, both of which influence our team members, who share a passion for connecting with others and travelling to new places. We’re fortunate to have a fantastic team of global ambassadors and executive members who continued to facilitate our events virtually through the pandemic. We currently have ambassadors based in 24 countries across 5 continents, and our ambassador programme was recently nominated by the Coliving Awards for “Best Initiative Fostering Coliving”. In collaboration with our core tech partner SALTO Systems, we gifted our ambassadors and executive team members our Co-Liv limited edition branded t-shirts, jumpers, hats and mugs as a thank you to recognise their hard work.

Our executive member, Vann’s daughter even tried on our merch!

Our executive member, Vann’s daughter even tried on our merch!

Our Head of Operations, Nabeel’s daughter (Shiza) shows that she is also part of the next generation of women in coliving.

Our Co-founder Fabrice

Our Co-founder Claire

Our SALTO partnership lead — Christian — Global Lead for Shared Living and Work Spaces and Head of Tech at Co-Liv.

The merchandise, designed by Emily Jeffers — founder and designer at 1793 Designs, features the Co-Liv and SALTO logos to celebrate our two-year partnership. SALTO Systems are the leading solution provider of flexible access control and management who work with coliving operators to ensure safer and more secure coliving spaces and better experiences for residents. Our partnership is led by Christian Schmitz, Global Lead for Shared Living and Work Spaces and Head of Tech at Co-Liv. SALTO Systems has supported us by organising our physical and virtual coliving meetups, and it was therefore fitting that our merchandise reflected our collaboration.

Our exec team member Vann testing how much apparel he could fit on!

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Our Spain ambassador, Virginia

Our Chile ambassador, Alejandra

With lots of co-love,

The Co-Liv Team

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