Testimonials from our Research Forum Coordinators — Business & Organizational Models with Fabrice Simondi

The goal of the Business & Organizational Models Forum

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For Fabrice Simondi, our co-founder and Business & Organizational Models Forum Coordinator, co-living has been primarily driven by two concepts: mutualization and sharing resources. Fabrice says that this is where the word “economy” fits into the co-living phenomenon and offers an answer to human material needs. He believes that in order to create new co-living spaces today, where diverse layers of community thrive, we need to identify new growth models that make living spaces more affordable in our existing economy.

With inspiration from Ryan Fix’s experience in Williamsburg, Fabrice intends to analyze organizational models from all types of shared housing models: senior residencies, co-housing, housing cooperatives, student housing, among others. The goal of the Business & Organizational Models Forum is to research and propose efficient business models, which will bring co-living opportunities to life for our members.

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